The theme for Weekly Game Jam 161 was 'pilot'. I thought it would be fun to make a game about a guy who only likes to eat Pies.

The objective of this game is to eat as many pies as you can.


If you touch and hold, sir pie-a-lot will extend his arms to grab the food. If you leave your touch, mouse button, he's arms will come back to original position but he will be VERY DISAPPOINTED and his anger will go up.

If you grab a food on the conveyor, sir pie-a-lot will eat that food, but keep in mind that he's not a fan of foods other than pies so watch out for his anger.

All the best!


I hope you will have fun playing this game. Let me know what you feel about the game by commenting below.


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Played this a bit and had a ton of fun!!! My eyes went @.@

Thank you very much berrycasual for playing the game! I am glad you had fun! 😃